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Trezeguet Palmer, Jamaican model.


Once upon a time SIIM was a person.

Now, SIIM is a collective.

Our values are still the same - Jamaican to the core! But today, with collaborative effort and a broader vision and mission, SIIM is looking towards a future where Jamaican culture is ubiquitous. Let's call this reverse colonization through creativity.


Meet some key collaborators...

M.Simone Clarke

Creative Consultant, Big-Head-Gyal

M. Simone Clarke (aka SiiM) embodies a unique blend of skills in art, architecture, fashion design, event production and branding. Her multifaceted career not only demonstrates her versatility but also underscores her ability to think creatively across various contexts. From crafting elegant clothing inspired by Caribbean heritage to designing signature events and providing art direction for a variety of local and major international film projects, SiiM's diverse experiences enrich her creative approach. Her ability to seamlessly transition between disciplines enables her to tackle challenges with fresh perspectives and innovative solutions, making her a dynamic creative force. SiiM is Jamaican-born of a truly multi-ethnic background. She is a descendant of African slaves, Indian indentured workers, Hungarian refugees and Scottish immigrants. She studied Architecture in Canada, but discovered her passion for fashion during a transformative journey through Asia and Australia. In 1991, she launched the [original] SiiM fashion line, blending Caribbean heritage with modern design elements. Her "Butterflies & Hummingbirds" Collection gained recognition across the Caribbean for its exotic charm and craftsmanship. In 2003, SiiM ventured into event production with a groundbreaking fashion show for her line titled "the drums are restless tonight…", marking the beginning of her career in entertainment architecture. For the past two decades, she has designed signature events, provided set design for TV shows, and offered interior design services for prominent corporate entities in Jamaica. With a passion for travel, food and culture, her diverse experiences contribute to her unique creative perspective. SiiM is based in Kingston, Jamaica.

Photographer, Sculptor, Joker

Born in St. Andrew, Jamaica, Stefan Clarke is a force to be reckoned with in the Jamaican art scene, producing work that boldly stands outside the frame of what would traditionally be considered Jamaican art. A graduate of Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, Clarke’s work is a bold challenge to societal norms, initiating discussions about identity, sexuality and religion. He’s not just an artist. He’s also an educator, constantly pushing the boundaries of what art can be and achieve. Clarke’s artistic journey is as diverse as his creations. From group exhibitions like “Not for Sale” (2002) to “Hybridization” (2023), his work has graced numerous platforms. He’s also received commissions for sculptural works at Utech University, including “Bird of Peace,” “Trinity,” and “Atlas.” Clarke’s controversial work has also been exhibited at several exhibitions in the National Gallery of Jamaica.

Chief Dream Catcher, Model

Marie McMorris is a seasoned International Business Development & Change Management consultant and accomplished Film & Television Producer. Graduating with honors from the University of Miami with a BSC in Communications, she was the first black female to win the School’s Director’s Award. McMorris held key positions including Vice President of Women in Film & Television, Jamaica, General Manager for RJR Gleaner Communications Group’s Cable Division, and General Manager of the Bob Marley Foundation and Group of Companies. She served as Executive In Charge of Production for Hearst Entertainment and Syndication, launching a Cosmopolitan-based television channel. With a track record spanning Fortune 500 companies, McMorris excels in improving organizational productivity, driving profit, and leading diverse teams across sectors like Television, Broadcasting, Finance, Medical, Franchise development, Tourism, and Entertainment. Known for delivering new revenue streams and fostering customer-focused entities, she is adept at crafting strategic solutions and maximizing growth opportunities. McMorris's transition from boardrooms and behind the camera to center stage reflects her enduring commitment to innovation and leadership in both corporate and creative spheres.

Painter, Bonsai Enthusiast and model?

John Alexander Campbell is an artist from Kingston, Jamaica. After high school, his artistic career began as an airbrush artist for several t-shirt companies specializing in airbrushed designs. Armed with this experience he returned to fine art and painting. His unique style has developed and evolved over two decades of work. Today, John uses no brushwork nor water in his paintings. His vehicle of choice is vodka which allows for richer, more expressive colour with varying degrees of movement and viscosity, along with the critical element of unpredictability. John states that his works depict the varying aspects of life and all its passions: the good, the bad and the indifferent, all told from a very personal perspective. For him, each piece is an exploration of the human condition and journey. He attended the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in 1992, where he majored in Painting and minored in Printmaking. Starting in 1996 John spent 18 months as the Artist in residence at the Avant-Garde Gallery in Portland, Jamaica and he counts this among his formative experiences. He has exhibited in both group and solo shows in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, the USA and the UK. John is the first male face of the current SIIM campaign and a regular contributor to the conversations from which SIIM designs originate.

Designer, Stylist, Muralist and...

A versatile artist, born in Canada to Jamaican parents, and shaped by Jamaica, Charl embraces multiple creative roles as a designer, stylist, and muralist. Believing that art is the essence of her being, she channels her passion into various mediums, finding inspiration in both visual and performing arts. Charl's studio, Studio 969, serves as a platform for her boundless creativity, whether she's styling for films and music videos or crafting unique pieces for clients. Viewing life as an ever-changing canvas, she transforms fabric, jewelry, and recycled materials into captivating artworks, including her signature "Trees of Life." With notable credits in several feature films (No Time to Die), short films (FeverDream, Good Country People), music videos (Stephen Marley, Chronixx, Tarrus Riley) and various high profile mural projects in Kingston, Charl's artistic voice resonates across diverse platforms, leaving an indelible mark on each endeavor. For her, the journey of creative expression is a blissful pursuit, with the best yet to come.

Commercial & Advertising Photographer

Renowned for his precision in lighting techniques and the creation of finely detailed images, Will's career pivot to Jamaica in 2015 marks a significant choice. Armed with top-tier equipment and a concept-driven mindset, he is deeply committed to excellence in image production. Since his relocation, Will has swiftly ascended to become a sought-after photographer on the island. His collaborations with an ever-expanding array of major Jamaican enterprises underscores his rapid integration into the local market. His clientele is diverse, ranging from financial institutions to agro-buisinesses to music labels and this range underscores his versatility and adaptability in Jamaica's vibrant commercial landscape. SIIM is proud to count Will among we fren dem.

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