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  • Where can I buy SIIM products?
    At this time SIIM products are only available through our website.
  • Is SIIM just a T-shirt line?
    No. SIIM.WORLD is re-introducing the SIIM fashion line after a long hiatus. 20 years ago when SIIM launched, the clothing was conceptualized as a flexible wardrobe for tropical living allowing seamless transitions from day into night. Versatile and timeless clothing that was ready for the beach, the road, the party – wherever your day might take you. For the rest of the world this translated into “Resort Wear”. It was called Tropical Couture. In 2025, SIIM.WORLD will bring those timeless styles back (yes, the Butterflies too – for all our loyal customers who are still wearing them 20 years later). But for right now, we want to start a global conversation with our Tees.
  • Where is SIIM based?
    Our website and online store are hosted in the USA. All Designs are done in Jamaica, by Jamaicans.
  • Who is SIIM?
    SIIM is the brainchild of Michelle Simone (SiiM) Clarke, a Jamaican Architect and Designer and the SIIM line was originally created in 2001. Today however, SIIM is a collaborative enterprise featuring the ideas and talents of a diverse group of Jamaicans. SIIM aims to showcase another side of Jamaica and Jamaicans, hopefully dismantling some of the negative global stereotypes of what it means to be a Jamaican.
  • Does SIIM.WORLD offer free shipping?
    SIIM.WORLD offers free shipping on all orders in the continental USA only. For all orders destined for countries outside the continental USA, shipping rates are calculated at checkout.
  • Does SIIM.WORLD offer expedited or express shipping?
    At this time, SIIM.WORLD offers standard shipping only. This is the most economical shipping option with the lowest environmental impact… so it’s not the fastest. Estimated delivery times are based on your location and the location of the fulfillment hub your product will be shipped from. You will see the estimated delivery time at checkout.
  • What countries does SIIM.WORLD ship to?
    SIIM.WORLD ships globally! However… for many of us in the Caribbean, that may not apply to us. Due to the draconian customs regulations in the region, we strongly recommend that orders destined for the Caribbean should be shipped to a US freight forwarder or courier. (Yes Jamaica, that means you too!) At this time we are able to ship to most countries. We do not ship to countries that are currently involved in armed conflict. ​ If you are unsure about whether we can ship directly to you please reach out to us before placing your order and we will check to make sure your order can be shipped safely to you.
  • Is SIIM environmentally conscious?
    To the extent that this can be achieved while still delivering consumer products across the globe, yes. Our Print Providers use responsibly sourced & sustainable products and materials. All products are produced in accordance with international and national product safety regulations. Our Print Providers strive to use responsibly sourced materials. Printed paper products and canvases are made from paper and wood from sustainably managed forests with a sustainable forest management system in place. Our suppliers offer high-quality products that we hope will be enjoyed and used over and over again for a long period of time. But, we need your help with this. Follow the care guides on the products, use environmentally friendly detergents and love your Tees to death (until they fashionably disintegrate).
  • Are SIIM products made in Jamaica?
    For our May 1 launch, we are introducing a line of T-shirts and accessories that feature designs and photography by Jamaican artists, but all of these products are made in different countries. SIIM partners with print on demand suppliers located in over 30 countries to fulfill our orders. This technology driven, sustainable approach focuses on attaining global sales with local production (production near the origin of the order). In this way, our suppliers minimize waste, emissions, and delivery times. This benefits both customers and the environment. And, with improved product consistency and quality worldwide, our partners help us to reduce waste and carbon emissions. As for the 2025 Resort line… we will see…
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