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Marie McMorris, Jamaican model.



Q: So SIIM is an idea. But what exactly is that idea?

A: That idea is Jamaica - but not the commercial Jamaica… this is more of an empirical quality… not a look, not a sound, but a feeling, a way of being… and what being Jamaican means.


Q: What would you say is the essence of Jamaican-ness?

A: Bwoooy! I would have to say contradiction! We are energetic and volatile, but we can also be lazy; Yet when we work, we work very hard! But we nah slave for anybody, still. We are creative and subversive; We laugh a lot but we doh ramp; Most importantly, Jamaicans are not confined by anyone else's definition of reality. I feel like this is a form of selfishness that makes us single minded (the same thing that mek di taxi man cut you off in traffic is the same drive that pushes our athletes past their competition). This is our drive to beat all odds, to try things that seem impossible - and succeed (or fail and try again). We strive to be the best - even at being bad. It's what makes the world cheer for us, respect us, fear us and want to be like us. Jamaicans empower. We inspire hope – we are the little nation that did! We bring the flava! Ah it dat!


Q: So is there one word to describe Jamaican-ness?

A: No! It’s not one thing – It can’t be one thing! Jamaican-ness is like a dense fabric of sensory and cultural threads. And this is a fabric that enfolds and engulfs you. Then the dye runs on your skin when you sweat. It stains your skin and your clothes. It’s hard to get it off. It grows on you. But... you know what? It looks kinda cool. Then other people want it too....


And that is what SIIM is about.

Ok... so you probably want to know what all dat have to do with clothes, right? No problem... just click here

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